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RPZ profits to fund other council projects

By bristol247, Tuesday Feb 17, 2015

Profits from the price of Bristol’s residents’ parking zones will fund other council projects but without any investment in public transport, it was revealed on Tuesday.

The cost of RPZ permits will also need to be kept at least at the current price level for the next 15 years, councillors were told.

At a meeting of the full council at City Hall, councillors also voted for the second year in a row to increase council tax by 1.95 per cent.

A Conservative proposal to create a “Bus Stop Alteration Fund” was defeated at the budget-fixing meeting. This had sought to take £250,000 of funding from the Mayoral Commissions to enable some new built-out bus platforms to be removed where these had been shown to increase traffic congestion and pollution.

Another Tory proposal which sought to fund the removal of 20mph speed limits from key routes was also defeated.

Councillors did, however, unanimously back an amendment to the mayor’s budget, reallocating resources originally earmarked to progress some of the recommendations of the Mayoral Commissions to  “Parks Access Improvement Grants” which will enable the construction of new pathways and benches in many of the city’s parks and public spaces.

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