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Labour councillor under fire from anti-racism groups for ‘diversity politics’ comment

By ellie pipe, Friday Jul 14, 2017

A Labour councillor has apologised for ‘thoughtless’ comments she made criticising Bristol’s mayor.

The anti-racism charity SARI has lodged a complaint against Harriet Bradley for a Facebook post in which she claimed Marvin Rees “does not get socialism and has a background in diversity politics.”

She went on to add this “undermines his ability to be an effective leader for everybody.”

Mayor Marvin Ress was criticised by Bradley on Facebook

The Brislington West councillor, who also included Labour colleague deputy mayor Asher Craig in her comments, met with strong criticism from anti-racism campaigners across the country.

Deputy mayor Asher Craig

Simon Woolley, director of Operation Black Vote, slammed Bradley’s comments, claiming ‘diversity politics’ is code for race.

SARI reportedly described the post as ‘ignorant’.

Bradley has since issued a statement saying: “I have unreservedly apologised to the mayor and deputy mayor for my thoughtless comments and I am truly sorry for the offence I have caused.

“I would like to extend that apology to other members of the minority ethnic communities, as I am really sorry and upset that I have offended them. I am strongly committed to anti-racist policies and have researched and published many books and articles exposing inequalities of race and ethnicity. I have asked to meet with SARI so that I can apologise in person.”

This is not the first time the Labour councillor has been in hot water for comments made on social media and Bristol24/7 revealed she had been suspended by the party in September last year.

A spokesperson for Bristol City Council said they could not confirm or deny receipt of complaints against individual councillors, as legally this constitutes personal information which cannot be disclosed.

However, if a complaint is upheld this is published on the council website.

All complaints about councillors are investigated according to the complaints management process which can be found online.


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