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Fiddler on the roof

By martin booth, Tuesday Feb 17, 2015

Here is a view you probably haven’t seen before.

It’s from the roof of St George’s on Great George Street and sees Thomas Gould, the leader of the Aurora Orchestra, performing the Hungarian folk tune Csárdás by Vittorio Monti.

Why did he do that you may ask, when there’s a perfectly functional and acoustically magnificent concert hall beneath his feet?

The answer is that it was the launch of the Building a Sound Future public appeal which aims to raise £5.5 million.

As well as the venue’s very own fiddler on the roof, balloons were also released with free tickets for concerts at St George’s attached to each balloon.

Building a Sound Future aims to pay for a glass and stone extension to the 192-year-old former church.

An extension will include new entrances, a garden cafe and bar as well as improved back-stage facilities and education and workshop spaces. There will also be ramps into the main hall for disabled people.

Work on the extension will begin in spring next year and should be completed by autumn 2017.

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