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Familiar faces return to University Challenge

By lydia ellis, Monday Jul 24, 2017

Familiar faces will be on TV screens tonight as the University of Bristol’s quiz team returns to University Challenge.

Having made it onto the quarter finals last season, the participants have once again proved their aptitude for success by being one of just 28 teams – out of more than 130 who auditioned across the country – to participate in the prestigious show’s 47th season.

Facing off against Trinity College, Cambridge, the Bristol team will be watched by a nationwide audience as they hope to impress presenter Jeremy Paxman.

Bristol viewers will undoubtedly hoping that their success of last year translates on Monday’s episode.

Though it is impossible to know for sure, the city side certainly seems poised for success. Before being admitted onto the team, each individual contender endured three rounds of mentally-stimulating tests held by the Student Union. Each round eliminated candidates who were not up to the standards set by Paxman and co.

An eclectic mix of subjects could also be beneficial in bringing the team further success. With each of the five team members studying something different, ranging from a doctorate in mathematics to a first year undergraduate course in music, there are hopes that this will have helped to ensure that the team repeat their prior achievement.

Team captain Sam Hosegood, a first year undergraduate in chemical physics, has not revealed any information as to the fate of the team, but he described filming as “nerve-wracking” and ultimately concluded that ” the whole experience was really good fun.”

University Challenge will air on Monday night on BBC2 at 8pm.


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