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Bristol Zero Tolerance launches urgent appeal

By ellie pipe, Monday Jul 1, 2019

A project doing vital work to end gender-based violence, abuse and harassment in Bristol is in jeopardy following a series of funding cuts.

Bristol Women’s Voice is appealing for help to raise £5,000 needed to keep the city’s Zero Tolerance initiative running and secure its future.

The project works to ensure that Bristol has a zero tolerance approach to gender-based violence, abuse, harassment and exploitation through raising awareness and delivering workshops to change attitudes and behaviour.

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Speaking about the importance of Bristol Zero Tolerance, Penny Gane, chair of Bristol Women’s Voice and the Bristol Women’s Commission said: “We are making a significant difference to people’s lives in Bristol.

“In 2017, we were pleased to secure a change in legislation, with street harassment being re-classified a hate crime. Having the funding to continue this campaign will result in more equal and fairer communities here in Bristol”.

Some of the work completed by the project in the last year includes work with employers and organisations to identify and support those facing domestic violence and abuse, raising awareness of gender-based violence and encouraging people to intervene when they witness unacceptable behaviour.

Penny adds there is still much work to be done to be done on these complex issues that remain a reality for many in society.

Bristol Zero Tolerance has developed partnerships with more than 100 local organisations, and made these institutions accountable in joining the fight to end gender-based violence, abuse, harassment and exploitation.

Charlotte Gage is urging people to support the project

Charlotte Gage, partnerships project officer for the Bristol Zero Tolerance Initiative added: “We are asking people in Bristol to consider taking action on this issue, and supporting our summer appeal.

“The money we raise will help us to continue this vital work and develop the project even further to support people across the city and feed into local strategies to prevent gender-based violence.”

To find out more and donate, visit:

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