News: Bristol named one of 10 best places to live in the world

Bristol24/7, August 2, 2016

Bristol’s independent cafes, fixie bicycles, soy flat whites and surly hipsters are just a few of the reasons given for being named one of the top-ten cities on the globe in which to live.

Banksy gets a look-in, as do our green spaces, sports teams and even local currency the Bristol Pound.

The city is ranked in the top-10 alongside Barcelona, Vancouver, Berlin, Vienna, Havana, Tokyo, Melbourne, Amsterdam and New York.

The accolade has been given by Forever Sports magazine, whose August issue says: “What’s the big deal? Its population is about 1/16th of England’s capital, but you can still ride to an independent café on a fixie bike and get a soy flat white from a surly hipster.

“The smaller size of Bristol lends itself to initiatives like the Bristol Pound, which can only be spent in local, independent shops. The £91m Bristol Arena is due to open in December 2017.”

It adds: “Lots of green spaces in the city centre and the harbour is a good place for bars, cafes and a walk…

“There’s street art all over the place (Banksy is from here, so no surprise) and during the summer, there are loads of festivals in the local area.”


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