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Aston Martin to build limited edition Concorde-themed car

By martin booth, Tuesday Nov 26, 2019

On the anniversary of Concorde’s final flight into Bristol, Aston Martin have unveiled a bespoke Concorde-themed car.

The limited edition vehicle in collaboration with British Airways has been commissioned by Aston Martin Bristol, whose showroom is close to the former Filton Airfield where the Bristol-designed aircraft was assembled and returned home to on November 26 2003.

Only ten DBS Superleggera Concorde Edition cars will be built and sold for £321,350, ready to be delivered in October 2020.

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Aston Martin Bristol’s Aaron Allnutt said: “The Filton runway sits just opposite from our workshop doors, and we are neighbours with Aerospace Bristol, the home of the Bristol Concorde.

“So we are honoured and delighted to showcase this upcoming vehicle as a nod towards the BA Concorde heritage here in Bristol.”

Ten specially commissioned cars have been commissioned by Aston Martin Bristol, which has the former Filton runway on its doorstep

Each element of the car’s design has been carefully selected to highlight some of Concorde’s unique shape

Concorde’s logo features on the roof of the car

A carefully crafted Concorde silhouette forms part of the vehicle’s side strake

The cars’ interior will feature reclaimed solid metal from Concorde and the Concorde silhouette on the side panels among more than 30 bespoke features.

“BA Concorde and Aston Martin both represent the very best in British transport and design so this timely collaboration allows us at Aston Martin Bristol to be part of the Concorde history in Britain,” Allnutt added.

“The car design will be the best of automotive and aviation design combined.”

The car’s interior features reclaimed solid metal from Concorde

Each vehicle will include an inspection plaque jointly signed by Aston Martin chief executive Dr Andy Palmer and BA chairman Alex Cruz

Concorde had a maximum speed of Mach 2.04 (1,354 mph) at cruise altitude, more than twice the speed of sound

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