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7 historic photographs of St Anne’s

By victoria rose, Thursday Jun 7, 2018

This week, we delved into Bristol Archives and uncovered a collection of postcards from the turn of the 20th century, showing the historic area of St Anne’s including urban life as well as the famous woodland.  A lot of St Anne’s woods still remains now and relies on wonderful community volunteers to keeping the place as beautiful as ever.

A woman poses by a tree in Nightinghale Valley, October 4 1908  43207/33/1

Another view of Nightinghale Valley, photographed around 1900 and published by W.H. Smith & Son   43207/33/2

Two men with a baby in a pram stand beside the river Avon at Beese’s Tea Gardens, pictured in the early-mid 1900s 43207/33/3

A schoolboy stands on Rustic Bridge in St Anne’s wood’s, photographed during the 1930s 43207/33/4

A view looking down Langton Court Road, taken by resident J.H. Rea who lived at number 68. Taken May 22 1924. 43207/33/5

A man and a group of children stand at Three Pools i, St Anne’s Wood, 2nd July 1926. Two of the Pools were taken away in 2000 but one still remains.  43207/33/6

Three women stand outside the post office on Langton Court Road. On the back back of the postcard is a handwritten note that reads ‘1902 Mrs Edith Coe, Draper & Post Office, 22 Langton Court Road’  43207/33/7

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