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Stunning video celebrates Bristol Balloon Fiesta

By ellie pipe, Wednesday Feb 13, 2019

Vast colourful balloons rising above Ashton Court are a much-loved summertime sight in Bristol.

Now an amateur photographer has dedicated hours of his spare time to create a stunning video aimed at capturing the magic of the balloon fiesta and celebrating its 40-year run.

“I just hope that it truly conveys the beauty of the event and brings out the inner child in those of us who look at those balloons with sparkles in their eyes,” says Xavier Legros.

“I also hope that it will bring back the good memories that people had when they attended the fiesta.

“As for the people who have never attended and discovered the event through the video, I hope it makes them want to attend the 2019 fiesta, experience it for real and like it as much as I do.”

The 31-year-old from Ashley Down is a micro-electronic engineer by day, but spends much of his free time capturing the city and its surrounds on film. He went to his first Bristol Balloon Fiesta in 2015 and fell in love with the event.

True to form, the weather during the festival last august didn’t play ball, so the planned mass ascent of balloons only happened once on the Saturday morning, but Xavier says that just made the moment all the more special.

Xavier’s timelapse film of Bristol went down a storm last April. He hopes his latest work, which took some three months to edit in his spare time, will be as well received.

For more information about Xavier’s work, visit www.go-pixl.com.

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