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Bristol Giving Day 2018 launches

By ella brandt, Wednesday Sep 19, 2018

On October 10 2018, businesses across the city will be taking part in Bristol Giving Day, organised by Quartet Community Foundation and the Bristol business community.

While many businesses choose to adopt a charity of the year that they want to support, most will go for a more well-known ‘name brand’ charity, which leaves a large gap in funding for the thousands of smaller charities and organisations that are sometimes essential to helping people and have a positive influence on society.

It is broadening this choice that Bristol Giving Day hopes to achieve, as well as encouraging local businesses to take action and raise much-needed funds. It’s a stark fact that 90 per cent of all charitable donations in the UK go to 7 per cent of the biggest charities.

Marvin Rees is one of the big names getting behind Bristol Giving Day

At the official launch of Bristol Giving Day, speakers including Bristol mayor Marvin Rees, James Durie from Bristol’s Chamber of Commerce, Sue Turner from Quartet Community Foundation and Lizzie Bond from Changing Tunes spoke passionately of Bristol Giving Day’s important role when it comes to giving smaller charities the opportunity to continue and even expand the work and services they provide.

“Some of those small organisations are critical to the fabric of Bristol life – many of our voluntary community organisations can work with the community in way that some of the big providers can not or will not,” said Sue Turner of Quartet.

The city-wide event will help to raise funds for small organisations like Changing Tunes, an organisation dedicated to inspire and rehabilitate prisoners and ex-prisoners through mentoring, collaboration and music. The small organisation is a prime example of a charity that have been operating effectively and has never had business support. Since Changing Tunes was started in 1987 by founder Richard Pendlebury, it has grown to have workshops running in 13 prisons, including HMP in Horfield, allowing prisoners to express themselves creatively.

Businesses can sign up to help raise money on Bristol Giving Day by visiting www.bristolgivingday.co.uk/sign-up, while charities or organisations who are in need of further funding can apply for a grant through Quartet at www.quartetcf.org.uk/apply-for-a-grant

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