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Behind the scenes: The creation of Bristol24/7’s chocolate cover

By ellie pipe, Friday Mar 31, 2017

Festivals, chocolate and great Instagram photography are some of our favourite things here at Bristol24/7, so bringing the three together for our front cover seemed like an opportunity not to be missed.

After scratching our heads as to how best to represent chocolate on the cover of our April issue, we decided to opt for the real deal and approached Zara Narracott, owner and creator of the award-winning Zara’s Chocolates.

The aim was to portray the fantastic work Zara does as a chocolatier and we drafted in the talents of Ramona Jones, whose fabulous Instagram shots of local spots and tasty delights often have us drooling.

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On a recent Monday morning, we headed into the North Street HQ of Zara’s Chocolates and between them, Ramona and Zara, came up with the idea to create an entirely edible front cover – with everything from the masthead to the text made out of chocolate.

Helen, Zara and Ramona at work on Bristol247’s first ever edible front cover

Some brainstorming and a solid day of work later and the front cover that looks good enough to eat was complete

“Once we came up with the idea, I moulded a white chocolate bar and air brushed it red, using cocoa butter and food colouring,” explained Zara.

“We then worked out sizing from that and measured up the page on the marble surface.”

It was the steady hand of chocolatier Helen Jones, also from Zara’s Chocolates, who piped the intricate chocolate wording and then she and Zara played around with cocoa powder, utensils and chocolates to perfect the final design.



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