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Shop of the Week: Bertoldi

By rebecca hurford, Monday Mar 9, 2020

Bertoldi is an independent business that offers dressmaking, restyling and alterations.

The Redland tailors is owned by Barbara Bertoldi and her husband, and “offer the best personal service and professional advice”.


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The shop itself is a small and cosy studio and is immersed in the world of fashion. Bertoldi offers men and women’s alterations, restyling, reconstruction of clothing and custom made and handmade clothing, which is made to fit each customer’s needs.

The Bertoldi studio

Barbara’s journey began in Northern Italy, where she grew up, saying: “From the age of 12, I have always had a passion and have always been inspired by fashion.”

The seamstress then went on to graduate in Milan and moved to the UK to start Bertoldi.

Barbara and two others take on the creative aspect of doing the alterations and the dressmaking while her husband, who has always worked in retail, focuses on men’s fashion and taking measurements.

The tailor’s favourite pieces to design are wedding dresses with an “edge” and hopes to do more original designs in the future, saying: “I would quite like to bring out my own collection with my name on it.”

Bertoldi, 113 Coldharbour Road, Bristol, BS6 7SD,

All photos by Rebecca Hurford

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