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My place: Teresa

By cat marshall, Tuesday Feb 7, 2017

Nestled on a hill in Totterdown, Teresa Hunter’s home is modern yet charming, and filled with innovative creations.

She moved into the house five years ago, which she shares with her partner James Ede, and their 18-month-old son Luke. 

Teresa is the founder of TME interiors, giving people the means and inspiration to redecorate their homes, and this passion overflows into her own living space. 

The ground floor of the house is all open plan, creating smooth lines between the living room, dining area and kitchen. The living space is cosy and inviting, calming hues of grey and blue combine with the soft glow of an orange lamp and warmth of a roaring fire.

Teresa’s choice of furniture is fresh and contemporary, while older touches give the house a unique charm. The wood burner in the front room is interestingly beautiful, “almost shaped like a car bonnet” as she describes it. 

Family is at the heart of the home, and Luke’s toys are neatly tucked away in wooden toy box, made by Teresa’s stepfather.

“He used to use the box at university for all of his papers but he turned it into a toy box for Luke” she explains.

This sentimental piece of furniture is joined by another box on wheels, upcycled by Teresa for the same purpose.

“For me a house should be soulful, grounded and quirky, and I like to have quite a lot of wooden things rather than metal.”

She is naturally creative and throughout the house are personal, practical touches that she has made.

Looking through to the dining area a wicker star wreathed in fairy lights, hand made by Teresa, sparkles behind a huge light shade that makes geometric patterns across the walls. 

“Luke loves it when we spin the light shade around,” she says with a smile.

Neatly stacked shelves are an interesting focal point and instead of being cluttered, each object is carefully placed and tells a story. They have even turned part of their old boiler into an intriguing ornamental piece. 

Upstairs, the neutral colour scheme continues and the bedroom is decorated with silvers, whites and blues. A vintage suitcase filled with family albums lies next to a wooden chair carved by Teresa’s stepfather.

Every detail in the house has been carefully thought out and as baby Luke plays on the bed, it’s clear that it’s a relaxing, cosy haven for the family. 

 “I tried to build something that’s nice to come home to,” Teresa says. “I’m a bit of a homebody, I love coming home and feeling that this is the right place.”


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