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How one fitness instructor is still getting the indoorphins flowing

By martin booth, Saturday Jul 18, 2020

Like many of us, Carly Wilkinson swiftly needed to adapt to working from home during lockdown.

Carly’s working from home routine, however, often involves hanging up a glitter ball, blowing up an inflatable flamingo and even channelling her inner-ballerina.

Being a personal trainer, the 36-year-old from Redcliffe, also known as Project HB, had to swiftly reassess her business model, ensuring that she could still give classes via Zoom, both live and recorded.

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And as the UK continues to emerge from lockdown and gyms are preparing to reopen, Carly will continue to offer online classes as a major part of her offer to clients.

Members of gyms including F45 Bristol Central will still be able to see Carly in person when they reopen, and if returning to the gym currently feels like a step too far – her online classes are the place to experience her unique energy.

Carly’s online workouts include both live classes over Zoom and also on-demand fitness videos via Project HB TV which can be purchased either in blocks of ten or with a monthly pass.

“Nearly four months ago I was watching my first bookings come in for online classes, absolutely flabbergasted that anyone would still want to be taught by me when not in the studios,” Carly recently wrote on her Instagram page.

“I know I sound like a broken record but I CANNOT thank you enough for every minute you have chooses (and continue to choose) to move and love and celebrate your body with me on screen.

“Thank you for the encouragement, the shared mimes across screen, the cheeky banter on the zoom chat, the silent swearing I see you do at me when I say ‘8 more!’, the moments when we all lose it laughing and I just see you all doubling over with laughter silently on screen, the times when I can see you all singing at the top of your lungs and all you get to hear is me singing back at you (out of tune) over the song you’re trying to enjoy listening to… just… OMG THANK YOU.”

Carly has lived in Bristol for almost four years, moving to the city with her husband, Stephen, who works for the NHS.

After only a few months in Bristol, she organised a Women’s March attracting hundreds of participants to show unity in the face of Donald Trump’s divisive rhetoric soon after assuming the US presidency.

Before becoming a full-time freelance instructor – which sees her give classes in the likes of F45, Workout Bristol, Hamilton House and Sweaty Betty – she worked for a law firm.

Carly’s extensive library of on-demand videos range from seated classes suitable for wheelchair users to resistance exercises, from 15-minute to one-hour sessions.

Her live online fitness classes take in a variety of exercises for all abilities including kettlebells, post-natal fitness and her own invention, disco aerobics.

“Expect to share empowerment, support, community and some humour as we try to maintain some sense of normality during these strange weeks,” Carly says.

“Being able to teach people from San Francisco to Vietnam via Bristol has been transformational for my business and I look forward to growing that.”

Main photo: Carly Wilkinson

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