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Weft Clothing pops up with vintage menswear at Friendly Records

By emma gorton ellicott, Tuesday Nov 6, 2018

Vintage enthusiasts Weft Clothing will be heading to Friendly Records on North Street with their vintage menswear pop-up store from Saturday, December 8. Focusing on 1950s workwear and military pieces, Weft Clothing offer an alternative to the current vintage love of all things 90s, looking at well-constructed workwear rather than old-school sportswear.

Inspired by his time at the Clifton-based boutique Dustbowl Vintage, Weft Clothing owner Darran McLane wanted to continue to promote and provide local vintage lovers with unique menswear pieces, following the closure of the specialist vintage shop earlier this year.

“There’s a lot of interest in vintage clothing in Bristol and a big hole was left in the market after Dustbowl shut down,” says Darran.

“Through my own personal interest in vintage and my time with Dustbowl, I’ve collated a range of shirts, jackets, trousers and some great vintage military pieces.  I think it’s going to be popular.”

Early 1960s Champion sports jacket and camouflage hunting jacket (both £50)

Vintage shirts from Weft Clothing including a checked shirt and a rare French work shirt from the 1940s (£40)

Vintage workwear and militaria is a more niche side of vintage fashion. You need to  know your stuff: it’s not just about starting up a fashion brand, but you have to do your research and understand the lifestyle that comes with it.

“I’ve been into vintage since I was 12,” Darran says. “I was on holiday and these two guys with quiffs and sheepskin bomber jackets walked by and I thought they looked great. I started modelling my taste of clothes on the 50s, although I didn’t like Brylcreem!  For me, The Smiths played a big part in this too – boy, didn’t Morrissey have great taste in his clothing?”

1950s Cowichan zip-up cardigan with rare lightning bolt zip (£65) and French army service trousers (£75) available at the Weft Clothing pop-up at Friendly Records in December

It is inspiring to see that the Bristol fashion scene is so supported by different genres and generations of creatives, blurring the boundaries between the subcultures that were so prominent and important over the past 50 years. Now, there’s much more of  with collaborative attitude.

“I love Bristol,” enthuses Darran. “Creativity is so important for everyone, so when folk start making and selling, it’s great.”

A range of vintage shirts at Weft Clothing and vintage Big E Levi’s jackets, including a type 3 from 1967, and a very rare type 2 from 1950s with a value of £400-£500

The Weft Clothing range includes vintage camouflage hunting  jackets, detailed sports jackets, beautifully made Norwegian jumpers, checked shirts, khaki army jumpers, army trousers and work boots. Prices range from £35-£100+ depending on rarity, and all are perfect for our long British winters.

Living in Southville, Darran has seen North Street grow and regenerate with contemporary, independent businesses, from bars to clothing boutiques, which have inspired him to collaborate with his buddy and owner of Friendly Records, Tom Friend. They share a love of vintage clothing.

“The pop-up shop will give me the opportunity to test the idea and see where it goes next,” says Darran. “There are loads of places in Bristol for vintage clothing but for me it’s all 30 years too late.”

Weft Clothing owner Darran McLane wearing a full vintage outfit.

He continues: “I love the construction, the fit and the materials of 1950s clothing. It’s amazing and it’s so distant from the stuff made in the 90s and beyond. Once you get into vintage from the 50s, the more addictive it becomes and the more you want to know. To me, 1950s menswear garments are not clothes made for profit: they are clothes made to do the job.”

Join Weft Clothing at Friendly Records from 10am-6pm on Saturday, December 8 and 12- 4pm on Sunday, December 9 2018.

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