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Street Style: Castle Park

By jack wilkinson, Monday Jun 19, 2017

We headed to Castle Park on a warm June day to see what people were wearing to enjoy the sun.


Age: 16
Occupation: Student – I’m currently doing my GCSEs
What are you wearing?
My t-shirt is from Premium, jeans from Vans and some vintage Nike shoes.
Best thing about Bristol: The atmosphere.
Worst thing: The amount of homelessness.


Age: 28
Occupation: I work in recruitment
What are you wearing?
Trousers from Hobbs, H&M top and jacket, GAP bag and a pair of sandals from Clark’s.
Best thing about Bristol: The vibrancy of the city.
Worst thing: The traffic!


Age: 34
Occupation: Finance director
What are you wearing?
A shirt from Zara, Ralph Lauren shorts and some Vivienne Westwood shoes.
Best thing about Bristol: The people are so nice!
Worst thing: The traffic can be awful at times.


Age: 54
Occupation: Legal Secretary
What are you wearing?
My top and trousers are both from Primark, and my bag is from somewhere like Oasis.
Best thing about Bristol: Probably the café culture.
Worst thing: Travelling around the city.


Age: 21
Occupation: Student
What are you wearing?
My shoes are from Primark, skirt and top are from Next, my flannel shirt is from a thrift shop in London, my earrings are from somewhere in Africa and my ring is from Vietnam.
Best thing about Bristol: I don’t actually live here but Castle Park is cool.
Worst: The Bristol accent, I can’t understand it!


Age: 16
Occupation: I’m a student but I also work as a waiter.
What are you wearing?
Shirt and jeans from Topman, Nike shoes and a watch I got from H. Samuel.
Best thing about Bristol: It’s inspiring.
Worst thing: It can get really busy on days like today.


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