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Changing the world one jacket at a time

By emma gorton ellicott, Thursday Jun 13, 2019

Inspired by the festival scene and  with a rebellious punk spirit, sustainable fashion brand HighJackets customise dinner jackets.

Festival lover and fashion designer Deana Fox had noticed a lack of festival fashion options for men and, after customising a jacket for her partner Richard, she had the idea to create something new for this over-looked festival fashion market.

“The jacket received lots of compliments”, says Deana.“I decided to produce a range using pre-loved dinner jackets, to sell to men and women that wanted to look different and make a statement.”

Upcycled festival wear with a rebellious, punk spirit.

Using her talents as a seamstress, Deana embellishes the back of her jackets with free-hand machine embroidered words inspired by a political, punk ideology.

The designs include gold and leopard print ‘Revolution’ appliques, punk-inspired anarchy symbols and gold ‘Fuck Yeah’ appliques. Recovered collars in matching fabrics bring the looks together.

“I started with evening jackets because they are so glam,” says Deana. “I have been a seamstress most of my life and taught myself to sew. I have always enjoyed constructing things from fabric, with a keen eye for detail and well-made items.

“In recent years, I’ve turned toward textile art with its endless possibilities in embellishments and processes.”

Recently appearing in the Pink Carpet fashion show at the Extinct Rebellion ‘Disrupt The Circus Of Excess’ protest in the city centre, HighJackets were the perfect sustainable fashion brand to help encourage local people to become more aware of their shopping habits and fight against fast fashion.

“It’s really important to have a voice in this uncertain world,” says Deana. “I have a passion to make a political and ethical stance using my jackets. All of my jackets are repurposed and therefore more environmentally friendly.”

Extinction Rebellion XR52 Bristol Protest on June, 1 2019.

With a varied background as a seamstress, Deana has made everything from high quality police uniforms to  fetish gear for the Bristol-based designer shop Religion during the 90s.

“Religion’s designer, Liz Lewitt, was quite famous for making the fetish scene happen with her shop and her club, Spank. This was a huge eye-opener for me as a young woman and an amazing influence, albeit a bit shocking.

“I like to think my work today sometimes dips into the wonderful, colourful, liberal and outspoken world of fetishism – rubber, leather and PVC are incredible mediums to use.”

The jackets can be worn by all genders.

Deana runs her business from her home studio, while working part-time as a colour advisor at Farrow and Ball in Clifton Village. Living opposite the Troopers Hill Nature Reserve in St George, Deana aims to run HighJackets full time in the near future.

With prices ranging from £75 to £130 for each hand customised jacket, HighJackets also offer a bespoke service where you can use your own jackets, words and symbols to create a more personalised version.

Buy through HighJackets’ Etsy shop and at Repsycho on Gloucester Road.

All photographs by Mark Dolman.

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