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Going potty for planet-friendly planting

By lowie trevena, Tuesday Aug 27, 2019

Inspired by origami and designed with the environment in mind, Andy and Martin, product designers at Bristol-based POTR Pots, have created a plant pot that is good for the planet, looks beautiful and self-waters flora.

The designers are running a Kickstarter to fund their product. The pots, which come in two sizes, are made from 100 per cent recycled plastic and come flat packed in the post to reduce the product’s carbon footprint – POTR Pots have almost 100 times less CO2 footprint than clay or concrete plant pots.

“Traditional origami techniques lie at the heart of POTR’s design and functionality,” say Martin and Andy. “We began our journey by creating hundreds of paper origami iterations, experimenting with different forms and fold functionality.”

As well as being flat packed when they arrive, the pots can be collapsed again at a later date. This makes them a perfect companion in the home of the ever-increasing number of renters (in a life of being forever on the cusp of moving, anything that can be flat-packed is gold dust).

To reduce POTR Pots’ carbon footprint even further, the company is working with a local manufacturer to create the die-cut pots.

Martin (left) and Andy (right) during the design process

Perhaps the most impressive part, however, is the product’s ability to water itself. For anyone who has attempted to raise a houseplant, only to find it wilt after one too many days forgetting to give it some water, this is somewhat of a revolution.

“We have chosen Bobbiny recycled cotton cord to use as our draw string and wicking cord,” explain Martin and Andy. “Not only is it 100 per cent recycled, it looks great and works really well at wicking water.”

The wick holds the structure of the pot together and also acts as a carrier for water, which is poured in the bottom of the pot.

The eco-friendly pots come in two sizes, with the hope to add a bigger range in the future

“We strived to achieve something that would look beautiful in your home while being incredibly functional and intuitive to use,” say Martin and Andy. This clever idea is just that.

The startup’s Kickstarter campaign is running until Monday, September 2 and is the first chance to buy a POTR plant pot. Back the campaign at www.kickstarter.com/potr-eco-self-watering-origami-plant-pots

Learn more about POTR Pots at www.potrpots.com

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