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Christmas cards with a difference

By nat schaefer, Wednesday Nov 20, 2019

An independent business in Bristol is putting a new spin on some classic Christmas card designs.

Robin and Emma-Jane Richards, who together run Bemmie, have produced a range of African-inspired cards aimed at the black and ethnic communities.

The cards come in sets of five and are available to buy via their website, with each set priced at £10.


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“We created these because Christmas imagery is so often slanted towards a Caucasian sentiment, with black people and culture underrepresented,” Robin and Emma-Jane said. “We wanted to challenge that, and so created this set of cards depicting common festive imagery with black characters.

“Bristol is so is diverse and multicultural, [and] Christmas should represent that. There is nothing on the market like this at the moment that we could find, and we believe if you don’t see it around you, make it happen.”

Robin and Emma-Jane Richards with their Christmas cards.

The married couple founded Bemmie in 2015, taking its name from the pet name for their hometown of Bedminster. They describe their business on their website as “the lifelong dream for us to share and create what inspires us together”, and aim to create the kind of “bright, colourful and energetic” work that they would have in their own home.

Among their other items is a Bristol-themed Advent calendar, which can be bought via their website for £7.99.

Buy their products at

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