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Preview: Goldilock, Stock & 3 Smoking Bears

By steve wright, Sunday Jul 24, 2016

Yes folks, the Wardrobe’s phenomenally popular sell-out alternative comedy from Chrimbo 2015 returns for two weeks only this August.

A big hit last Yule, when it opened the Wardrobe’s new Old Market home, Goldilock… is a madcap merging of the classic porridge-thieving fairy tale with Guy Ritchie’s cult 1998 cockney caper. Said our reviewer: “Rupert the Bear berating Paddington Bear for the murder of a London gangster is surely the finest moment of festive theatre you’ll see on stage in Bristol this year… belly laughs aplenty amid the extortion rackets, porridge pilfering and ‘h’ dropping.”

Pics: Paul Blakemore

Four actors play a dozen characters in this splendidly surreal show, ranging from Vinnie, who walks around constantly kicking a football and sometimes attending to his accordion-playing baby son, to a cameo from a very Geordie and very luminous Sting. Goldilock, meanwhile, is an orphaned market trader who has fallen on hard times: she gets caught up in some nefarious dealings, ends up owing money to those she really shouldn’t and along the way steals the porridge of the three bears.

Best not miss it this time around… you’ve been told.

Goldilock, Stock & 3 Smoking Bears Aug 1-13, Wardrobe Theatre. For more info and to book tickets, visit

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