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‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ style interactive mission launched

By lowie trevena, Wednesday May 20, 2020

Pins and Needles Productions, an Olivier Award-nominated and female-led theatre company located in Bristol, have created am interactive adventure – all in the hope of being “entertaining and light-hearted, at a time when families may need a little silliness”.

Select A Quest, an online, interactive theatre experience for children aged six and over, is “a vibrant mix of mystery, silliness and fun”, in which children can select their own path through the story.

The team at Pins and Needles Productions used emergency funding from Arts Council England to collaborate with a myriad of Bristol talent, including the story’s writer, Bea Roberts, an award-winning playwright whose work includes a feminist adaption of the Little Mermaid and a version of The Borrowers shown at Tobacco Factory Theatres.

The theatrical experience was created in just 72 hours, with Bea writing the script in only two days, with actors voicing characters from their homes. On the third and final day of production, composer Jack Drewry created original music for the piece.

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With 27 scenes set across six levels, paths can lead to winning, becoming cursed and “a whole lot o’violent deaths”.

Emma Earle, co-artistic director at Pins and Needles Productions says: “The result, deliberately low-fi yet highly theatrical, is brimming with heart, silliness and humanity. All these faces, each with their own story, taking us into an alternative space and reminding us how imaginative people can be.”

Select A Quest promises to offer audiences an eclectic and innovative theatrical experience, all from the comfort of their own homes.

Select A Quest launches on May 21

“This period of social distancing has seen people respond in extraordinarily diverse, creative ways, using arts and culture to provide a much-needed sense of release and community,” says Emma.

“We decided to make Select A Quest to give both our audience and our community of artists an opportunity to be involved in something playful and positive in such a challenging time.”

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