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Review: Slap Ya Mama, The Alma Tavern

By sarah jade, Wednesday Feb 15, 2017

It’s not often I go out when its raining. I’m the hermitiest of hermit crabs when it comes to cold weather, but when I heard that Slap Ya Mama were playing at one of my favourite pubs, The Alma Tavern, I adorned my waterproofs and hot footed it there in time to see the support act close his set with a beautiful guitar solo.

I managed to get a quick chat with April before they got on stage.
‘Its so great to see everyone out on a rainy Sunday!’ she said through gritted teeth after sharing a couple of shots of Patron with me.
There aren’t many bands who can pack a venue but Slap Ya Mama haven’t failed to do so in the 4 years they have been gigging in Bristol.
Their rare blend of country roots and bluesy soul means they can adapt to any type of event. I think it’s the comraderie, lead by the ‘fun seeking missile’ front lady (her fiance gave her that title, he also happens to be the banjo player) that really pulls you in from the first note.

The band this evening were joined by the awesome Joss Murray (of Babyhead fame) who stood next to Henry Slim on Harmonica. It’s pretty clear the band have as much fun as the audience do. What I love the most is that they act almost orchestrally when it comes to composition. Everyone gets a fair share of the set vocally and in solos; each musician is incredible in their own right but even more so when they are throwing out some of their old time originals. Their common love for New Orleans style blues is evident in songs such as ‘Hungry Mama Rag’ and ‘A Little Rub’.

I’ve been singing the choruses on repeat since I first heard the album last year and it’s always a total pleasure to be able to see them live. Even the coyest of gig goers would find it hard to resist a little butt-wiggle with the band; their fun loving spirit is infectious. They havent shied away from the current political skidmark that is the new POTUS either. The track 21st century Satan (Hell Toupé) is hilarious and accurate. It’s the type of music that really brings people together. Thanks for bringing a little bit of country into our city!

The album ‘I Heard the Voice of a Donut’ is available to buy at

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