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Aardman behind Coldplay’s new music video

By charlotte coker, Tuesday Nov 26, 2019

Coldplay have collaborated with Aardman for a beautiful video accompanying their new single, Daddy.

The Oscar award-winning Bristol studio have created a five-minute animation following a young girl lost at sea rowing into the unknown.


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Video director Åsa Lucander aimed to use the sea as a metaphor for what stands between the young girl and her father.

Using mainly live action puppetry, together with digitally painted sets and 2D animations, Lucander was able to create a range of styles to help symbolise the messages portrayed in the song.

Born in Finland but now living in the UK, Lucander is an illustrator and animator who has directed commercials and animations for TV and online, as well as multiple short films which have been screened internationally.

Åsa Lucander – photo by Jonas Udd

Lucander teamed up with the puppeteers at Brunskill & Grimes for the video for Daddy, which is taken from Coldplay’s new album Everyday Life.

Lucander described making the video as a “magical process when you get to see your characters in three dimensions”.

Following the release of the video, Lucander tweeted that she was “honoured and so thrilled to direct”.

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