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Box Office Chart: November 29-December 1 2019

By robin askew, Wednesday Dec 4, 2019

1. Frozen II £8,711,498 (£27,349,269, 2 weeks)

2. Knives Out £2,937,305 (new release)

3. Last Christmas £1,654,647 (£9,952,174, 3 weeks)

4. Blue Story £850,427 (£2,905,192, 2 weeks)

5. Charlie’s Angels £547,004 (new release)

6. Le Mans ’66 £492,097 (£5,279,043, 3 weeks)

7. 21 Bridges £259,833 (£1,268,216, 2 weeks)

8. Joker £231,482 (£57,540,761, 9 weeks)

9. Proceder £161,939 (new release)

10. CBeebies Christmas Show 2019: Hansel & Gretel £137,738 (new release)

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Another big weekend for Frozen II, which will have sailed past £30m by now, although the Disney sequel’s takings are dropping rather more rapidly than those of the first film did. Buoyed by very positive reviews, Rian Johnson’s Knives Out was the clear choice for grown-ups, comfortably bagging second place. The yoof, meanwhile, continue to flock to Rapman’s controversial Blue Story, which easily eclipsed the latest lame Charlie’s Angels iteration. The British urban drama’s excellent second weekend was even more impressive given that the Vue and Showcase chains had pulled it following alleged incidents of violence. Locally, this one is back at both Bristol Vue cinemas this week. If you’d prefer to watch it in an art house safe space, you may wish to know that the Watershed has also picked it up. For full screening times, see our comprehensive film listings.

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