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Box Office Chart: December 6-8 2019

By robin askew, Thursday Dec 12, 2019

1. Frozen II £4,397,903 (£33,678,829, 3 weeks)

2. Knives Out £1,637,525 (£6,042,446, 2 weeks)

3. Last Christmas £1,318,063 (£12,474,204, 4 weeks)

4. Les Miserables: The Staged Concert £946,786 (£3,246,166, 2 weeks)

5. Blue Story £378,589 (£3,676,952, 3 weeks)

6. Le Mans ’66 £184,898 (£5,620,610, 4 weeks)

7. Gremlins £162,528 (new release)

8. Motherless Brooklyn £153,821 (new release)

9. Elf £148,489 (new release)

10. Charlie’s Angels £142,369 (£942,126, 2 weeks)

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No major new releases meant little movement at the top this week, with the top three titles unchanged. Frozen II continues to dominate and could yet overtake the £43m haul of the first film. Rian Johnson’s universally adored Knives Out continues to pack ’em in. And Last Christmas has now reached £12m as it enters its last couple of weeks before becoming as appetising as a rancid sprout. The latest Charlie’s Angels all but collapsed during its second week on release, being displaced by encore screenings of the Les Miserables concert. This has now taken an impressive £3.2m at the UK box office. Ed Norton’s Motherless Brooklyn, meanwhile, suffered the indignity of being beaten by the 4K reissue of Gremlins. But at least it didn’t do as badly as cancer weepie Ordinary Love, which opened on a miserable £66,000 – suggesting that audiences aren’t wildly keen on Liam Neeson when he’s not hunting down bad guys and whupping their bottoms.

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