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Box Office Chart: August 7-9 2020

By robin askew, Wednesday Aug 12, 2020

1. Unhinged £117,633 (£443,339, 2 weeks)

2. Onward £46,576 (£5,801,357, 23 weeks)

3. 100% Wolf £42,500 (£128,571, 2 weeks)

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4. American Pickle £27,732 (new release)

5. Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back 40th Anniversary £27,617 (£7,458,676, 1218 weeks)

6. Jurassic Park Reissue £26,992 (£117,484, 6 weeks)

7. Trolls World Tour £21,716 (£290,925, 18 weeks)

8. The Greatest Showman £20,182 (£49,242,940, 137 weeks)

9. The Vigil £16,012 (£55,959, 2 weeks)

10. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Reissue £13,005 (£35,300, 3 weeks)

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Yay – Unhinged took more than £100,000 for the second weekend running and is closing on a total of £0.5m. Of course, under normal circumstances the Russell Crowe thriller might have been expected to take ten times that by now. And while overall box office takings have been increasing week-on-week ever since cinemas started to reopen, there was a sharp 20% drop in the top five over the weekend. A number of factors seem to be involved: the hot and sunny weather, a lack of any major new releases, and perhaps even the new requirement to wear masks in cinemas. The Seth Rogan comedy American Pickle became the highest grossing new release with a total of less than £30,000. That’s just £167 per cinema. Still, things should perk up with the return of traditional English shitty weather, the arrival of Christopher Nolan’s Tenet (on which the industry’s hopes are resting), and many more cinemas reopening later this month.

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