Art: Inkie angry over street art advert

Scott Salter, November 10, 2015

Bristol graffiti artist Inkie has said it is “unacceptable” that an advert for Dr Martens has been painted over graffiti in Stokes Croft.

The company commissioned Mark Wigan and Josh Stika to recreate Wigan’s Kaboom pattern that appears on Dr Martens products for the so-called ‘brandalism’ piece on a prominent wall towards the bottom of the street.

Inkie said: “I know Mark Wigan and Josh Stika well and they are both very talented and really lovely guys who aren’t at fault here, but Dr. Marten’s marketing agency coming to Stokes Croft / Bristol because its a ‘cool’ place to advertise and painting over a local artists work with a brand is unacceptable.”

Inkie himself was commissioned to paint lettering over what will soon become Meat Liquor further up Stokes Croft.

The Dr Martens piece has already been tagged, with the words, ‘No adverts’, written across the shoe design.

Main image: Dr Martens

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