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Planting seeds of positive change using art

By lowie trevena, Friday May 29, 2020

Enclosed within a small glass jar, hidden inside seed-like sculptures, are a collection of imaginative and thought-provoking poems.

Installed in public spaces around the empty city, 13 handcrafted clay and fabric sculptures form Seeds of Change, a sculpture series from mixed media textiles artist Lola Evelyn Ives.

Seeds of Change are an assembly of 13 unique sculptures made out of clay and recycled textiles that are home to a collection of poems; Words for The Future,” Lola explains.

“The intention of this project is to present imaginative writings to the humans who find and interact with the sculptures, aiming to ignite and harness the power of our thoughts and to encourage a peaceful and hopeful state of mind.”

Enclosed in each sculpture is a different poem

Lola, who is about to graduate from Bath Spa University and lives in St Anne’s, has spent the past year creating the sculptures.

The 13 art pieces will be installed across the city, from Ashley Vale Allotments and Leigh Woods, to Turbo Island and Queen’s Square, on Friday, May 29, where they will remain for as long as they remain in tact.

However, Lola isn’t revealing the exact locations of her sculptures, even once they have been installed, saying: “A key aspect of the concept for this project is that through synchronised experiences, people will naturally find the sculptures on their own terms when out exploring the city.”

The 21-year-old wants people to get involved and hunt out her sculptures, especially during the continued lockdown.

The artworks have been installed throughout the city

“Get out of the house, unplug from technology, take a breather from what can be a challenging reality at the moment, and seek the Seeds of Change,” says Lola.

“Become immersed in the messages the sculptures hold, allowing them to ignite the power of your thoughts and imagination, encouraging a peaceful and hopeful state of mind.”

The artworks symbolise seeds sprouting new growth within nature and planting seeds of change in people’s mind. They also symbolise powerful personal and collective growth, and a response to the current transformation of life as we know it.

A poem and artwork inside Lola’s studio

“Creating this project, Seeds of Change, has been such a benefit to both developing my artistic practice and supporting my emotional wellbeing during challenging times,” says Lola, who hopes the artworks will bring fun and calm to others.

“My intention is that this positive support will pass through to those who encounter these artworks.”

All photos: Lola Evelyn Ives

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