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Former Bristol journalist launches virtual PR agency

By martin booth, Friday Jun 5, 2020

As the business community is forced by the Covid-19 outbreak into accepting the practice of remote working, the concept of a virtual PR agency is growing in viability.

“Virtual works just fine,” said Rupert Janisch. the founder of Turn the Tables, a company that offers remote public relations to companies across Bristol and the South West.

Former Evening Post journalist Rupert lives in north Devon with his wife Charlotte and their three children, but for the past four years he has been working remotely and travelling to meet clients when necessary.

Turn the Tables’ services range from digital marketing and social media to marketing and communications strategy, as well as photography and video.

Rupert Janisch’s new company is a “reimagining” of Elmhay PR and Media, which he set up in 2010 – photo: Turn the Tables

Rupert said: “This way of working can open up PR as an option for those businesses who are doing great things but don’t get the recognition they deserve, either because they don’t believe they have anything worth saying or because they believe PR is only an option for big corporates with huge budgets.

“The whole concept of Turn the Tables is about overcoming those perceptions – giving dynamic, innovative businesses more sway in the debate, bringing the benefits of great media relations and marketing to smaller businesses, while doing my bit to help develop and grow the PR industry.”

He added: “If we can help more businesses communicate their visions, help them through crises, effect policy change, prosper and create employment opportunities, we’d be delighted to do that.”

Turn the Tables offers complementary services alongside PR such as internal communications, stakeholder relations, parliamentary lobbying and creative marketing.

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Main photo: Turn the Tables PR

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