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Photography startup to support local charities

By lowie trevena, Thursday Dec 5, 2019

A new social enterprise based in Bedminster will support small charities and third sector organisations by offering professional photography at a discounted rate.

Picture-Aid will help charities raise awareness of issues and generate income for their cause by providing high quality images to communicate messages clearly and effectively.


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Founded by local photographer Iboyla Feher, Picture-Aid will not only provide low-cost photography but also pay the photographers a fair wage.

Iboyla Feher has set up a Crowdfunder to launch her business

“As a freelancer I often face the problem that many community projects don’t have sufficient funds to hire a professional photographer,” says Iboyla. “In order to support their vital work, I often lower my fee or even work for free.

“When budgets are non-existent, organisations don’t hire anybody and compromise campaigns with their own, often low quality, mobile phone images. Everybody loses out.”

Picture-Aid will work through asking the community to contribute financially, for example through Crowdfunding and a low-fee membership scheme.

Iboyla has also received £1000 funding from Back Her Business, an initiative from NatWest which offers mentoring, workshops, and funding.

To additionally fund startup costs, Iboyla has launched a Crowdfunder, with rewards for funding the organisation donated by Bedminster-based businesses such as Zero Green, Bristol Beer Factory and ToyVille.

One of the rewards are hand drawn bookmarks

Iboyla is keen to highlight the people that have helped get the business to this point, saying: “Two amazing women who have helped me along the way and who are key to the Picture-Aid mission are the social entrepreneurs Jennifer Ford and Jocelyn Wellby.

“We are an all-female team and are passionate not only about helping our local communities, but also have a determination to address the inequalities present in the photography industry.”

Money raised through the Crowdfunder will allow register Iboyla to register with Companies House, purchase insurance, design company branding and create an effective website.

“Smaller organisations that work for local causes are struggling to raise enough funds for their operations,” says Iboyla. “Picture-Aid can help to change this. With your support, we can change this. Let’s use photography to make a positive change.”

All photos thanks to Iboyla Feher.

Support the Crowdfunder at www.crowdfunder.co.uk/picture-aid

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