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RedSTART pledge to improve financial literacy in young people

By beth owen, Wednesday Sep 18, 2019

RedSTART is a financial education charity which aims to address the lack of financial literacy in young people by teaching them how to budget and save.

As part of the charities commitment to improving financial literacy they offer Money Matters teaching sessions to students aged nine to 11.

Redington, a Better Business member, were the first sponsor of the initiative before it gained charitable satutus in 2016. Sponsors have allowed the charity to scale up its operations to Bristol, which is now the second-largest hub behind London.

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The principles of saving, investing, budgeting and giving back are taught through a fully interactive educational game, hosted by volunteers.

“We hope to improve the financial literacy of everyone from different backgrounds whether disadvantaged, middle class or wealthy,” says RedSTART development manager Veronica Martin.

“The programme is practical so that it engages young people more than having people talk at them.”

Since it’s launch they have successfully helped thousands of young people and aim to reach one million children and young people by 2025.

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