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Bristol Waste Company

By bristol247, Wednesday Nov 21, 2018

Bristol Waste is your local recycling, waste collection and street cleansing company.

They believe waste is a valuable resource and strive to transform the way it’s perceived. By working with residents and communities, team members aim to minimise or prevent the amount of waste we all generate, and encourage everyone to recycle more, throw away less and waste nothing.

Bristol Waste also run both of the city’s household waste recycling centres and a commercial waste service, offering local businesses tailored, cost effective recycling and waste solutions. Making the city a better place is part of their ethos.

Even its profits go back in to the city, as does the power generated from our food waste. That is why Bristol Waste will work with businesses across the city to reduce their waste and make sure that what waste they do generate isn’t wasted.

To show their commitment to making Bristol a cleaner, greener place to live, Bristol Waste has a dedicated Community Engagement Team that works with communities to educate residents on reuse and recycling and problem solve issues.

They aim to demonstrate that the ‘waste nothing’ approach is better for our wellbeing, our pockets, the environment and our city as a whole.

Owned by Bristol City Council but run as a separate company, Bristol Waste is part of the fabric of the city, and is delighted to support the Better Business initiative to promote the long-term sustainability of Bristol and all who live here.

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