Jessica Swale
Running Time
100 mins

Frosty writer Alice Lamb (Gemma Arterton) lives a solitary life in her Kent seaside cottage while WWII rages across the channel. Then London evacuee Frank (Lucas Bond) pitches up on her doorstep and she begins to open up a bit, accompanied by a syrupy score. Alice’s mind is also cast back to the tasteful lesbian romance she enjoyed with society hottie Vera (Guru Mbatha-Raw) back in the roaring twenties.

Playwright Jessica Swale‘s feature debut reunites her with the leads of her successful Nell Gwynne for this sweet, picturesque period drama whose lesbian sub-plot is handled tastefully enough to avoid upsetting maiden aunts. The performances are fine, but several critics found it rather too insipid, with scarcely believable, melodramatic plot twists.

By robin askew, Tuesday, Jul 28 2020

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