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How to stay active at university in 2019

By elena andreea oprea, Wednesday Oct 30, 2019

Whether you are focused on studying hard and making a good impression or making the most out of your first year by turning up to all the freshers’ parties in town, it is important to allocate a portion of your time to staying active.

Research shows that exercise improves not only physical health but mental health as well. Evidence suggests that physical activity is a major tool for preventing and treating depression, dementia and heart disease.

Here are a few suggestions that will help you stay active at university:

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1. Sports clubs

Your university will have a wide variety of sports clubs to choose from, and the best way to find out more about them
is at the Freshers’ Fair. By turning up, you will have the chance to speak to club representatives and learn more about what they get up to. With options ranging from archery to surfing to dance, there is a sport for everyone.

2. Gym memberships

Aside from the sports clubs, you are never far from a gym with plenty of facilities and classes. For those studying
at UWE Bristol, the sports centre on Frenchay campus offers all-day access with reduced membership fees. Regardless of your budget, preferences or time commitments, you will always have easy access to exercise.

UWE Bristol has a sports centre at the Frenchay campus

3. Outdoor activities

Some of us might hate being stuck inside all day and would prefer to take exercising outside. Fortunately, there are limitless opportunities in and around Bristol. The one thing you can be sure about when you move to Bristol is that there will always be a park or a green space nearby. As a result, a lot of people are staying active by going on a run or jog in the park a few times a week. Plus, it’s free and you get to see a lot of dogs! There are also opportunities to try something different like stand-up paddleboarding.

4. Cycling or walking to uni

Despite the multitude of available facilities, some people still can’t seem to find the time or motivation to make use of them. But you can still stay active without putting an effort into it. How? It’s simple! Instead of taking the bus or driving to uni, opt to cycle or walk. You would be surprised by how energetic and positive you can feel throughout the day after a nice morning walk!

Cycling to university is a great way to stay healthy

Keep in mind, staying active is indeed important but don’t forget to rest. Don’t beat yourself up if you missed this week’s workouts. Doing things at your own pace and without forcing them will have the most positive outcomes. And remember to have fun while staying active!

Main photo thanks to SUP.

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