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Snowing in Bristol in July

By bristol247, Thursday Aug 4, 2016

It’s July and it’s snowing in Bristol. And it’s all thanks to the scientific expertise of a Bristol Uni student who’s developed fake snow fit for Hollywood.

Student Lizzie Mould, who is studying for a Masters in Chemistry, joined forces with Stroud company Snow Business to develop the product which will be used on the sets of some of the biggest films over the next few years.

Snow Business has previously created snow scenes for many major Hollywood blockbusters including the Harry Potter films, Batman, Bridget Jones and The Chronicles of Narnia, plus Christmas favourites such as The Holiday and A Christmas Carol.

Lizzie Mould enjoying a July snowfall at Bristol Uni

Lizzie’s new products, called EcoFlake and ProFlake, are made from an environmentally friendly foam which falls and settles like snowflakes.

“There aren’t many people who can say they create fake snow for a living. This project has opened up many exciting opportunities which wouldn’t have otherwise been available.”


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