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Artist hopes to photo every person in Bristol

By martin booth, Thursday Aug 4, 2016

Artist and photographer Colin Moody wants to photograph every single person in Bristol in order to create one composite portrait. 

Moody’s ambitious project is a reaction to world events, with the aim of doing something positive about unity at a time when news across the globe is often about divisions.

“In a reaction to world events, which are moving at a pace right now and are creating incredible tensions and anxieties, I wanted to create art that can show how much we have in common,” Moody says.

“When I first tried it out on the One Love Breakfast team at BCFM radio I realised I loved the result as an art piece and how I could do more with it. Reach further.

“I’ve taken the eyes as an anchor for these images. Gateway to the soul, and for me the thing needed to lock the idea in place. Look everyone in the eye all at once and see how much in common we have.”

The more faces that are added over each other in Moody’s images, the more pronounced the eyes become, with the rest of the face becoming a blend of head shapes, hair styles and skin tones.

“The eyes remain, however, resolutely fixed and focused on you the viewer,” Moody adds. “They really start to stare into you.”

If you want to be photographed by Moody or a part of a community group that he can visit, you contact him on Twitter via @moodycolin


The main image shows the One Love Breakfast team at BCFM (left), artists at The Other Art Fair, and some of the editorial and sales team at Bristol24/7 (right)

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