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Playing badminton over the fence with neighbours

By martin booth, Tuesday Apr 28, 2020

Katie Hodgetts had always promised to go for drinks or a games night with her neighbours on Beauley Road but it had just not happened yet.

Since lockdown, however, most of the residents of the Southville street are in a WhatsApp group.

“We know not only our neighbours but the whole street,” says 25-year-old Katie. “We have a WhatsApp group and we share fun videos. It’s really lovely.”

And on Sunday, Katie and her neighbours finally got round to playing some games.

Badminton played over the fence was dubbed ‘Brimbledon’ by Katie, her four housemates (all friends from university) and their neighbours.

“We planned ‘Brimbledon’, which was Wimbledon in Bristol,” explains Katie, who was one of the first organisers of Bristol Youth Strike 4 Climate.

“We played all of Sunday afternoon. Our neighbours won unfortunately. They beat us by three points!”

Main photo: Katie Hodgetts / Twitter

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