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‘Bristol seemed different, and alive, in ways that I had not noticed before’

By harry lloyd evans, Wednesday May 13, 2020

During the past seven weeks we have all been learning to adjust to the limits to freedom that have been imposed by the coronavirus.

I guess that we have all responded in different ways. I adapted by choosing to combine my passion for photography with my periods of exercise to record the way in which Bristolians have adapted to the pandemic.

I remember my first outing after the lockdown was announced. It was surreal, an eerie silence and feeling of tension was in the air.

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Places which were usually teeming with people were deserted and the soundscape of the city had changed overnight. Gone was the background hum of motor vehicles, instead I could hear the sounds of breeze through the trees and birdsong. The city seemed different, and alive, in ways that I had not noticed before.

A man in Easton with his chicken

I began by shooting images of empty streets but became intrigued by the way in which the virus was changing our behaviour and our feelings.

I spent much of my exercise time in April and May cycling around Bristol photographing people from a distance and hopefully capturing different responses to this crisis. While getting exercise I have been able to maintain my own mental health.

What I’ve discovered is that people are adapting in their own ways. The most fortunate, perhaps are people like myself who are living in a close knit family. Less fortunate are those who live alone or who cannot easily get out to enjoy time in the open.

Nurses wearing facemasks

I have also recorded many positive signs, for example, the camaraderie between key workers and the spectacle of young children and adolescents reclaiming the traffic-free streets for play.

This is a moment in time I shall not forget and I am thankful to everyone who has reached out allowed me to photograph them.

Harry Lloyd-Evans is a documentary photographer.

See more of Harry’s photos below:

See more of Harry’s work on Instagram via @harrylloydphotos or visit his website at

All photos: Harry Lloyd-Evans

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