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My Bristol Favourites: Vashti Waite

By lowie trevena, Thursday Feb 20, 2020

Vashti Waite is co-creative director for the inaugural Bristol Light Festival, which will be lighting up the city from February 27 to March 1.

Showcasing renowned international light artists alongside Bristol talent across nine locations, the installations will create a trail for visitors to follow through the city centre.


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These are Vashti’s top-five favourites:


Beese’s Riverside Bar is perhaps the city’s worst kept secret. Photo by Ellie Pipe

“The perfect quiet spot by the River Avon, Beese’s is a hidden gem just outside of the city. Taking a trip through the city on the Bristol Ferry and down the river is a great way to spend a sunny afternoon.

Kings Weston House

Kings Weston House is located just outside Bristol in Avonmouth. Photo courtesy of Kings Weston House

Kings Weston House is an incredible Grade 1 listed building near Avonmouth, I love the juxtaposition of a working port and an old building lovingly restored by Norman Routledge.”

Cabot Tower

Cabot Tower offers views across the city. Photo by Judy Darley

“Cabot Tower boasts the most spectacular views over Bristol and is a peaceful spot to observe the city. It also makes me feel connected to my family as my great-great-grandfather built it.”

Goldney Hall grotto

Goldney Grotto

“Tucked away in the gardens of Goldney Hall in Clifton is an elaborate 18th century grotto. As a kid I used to play there, and thought it was like The Secret Garden.”

Clifton Observatory

A camera obscura is located inside Clifton Observatory. Photo by Martin Booth

Clifton Observatory is a favourite spot, playing with natural light and perspectives I enjoy looking at the world through a different lens. Going there also reminds me of sliding down the rock as a kid.”

Main photo thanks to Bristol Light Festival.

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