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My Bristol Favourites: Terry the Odd Job Man

By bristol247, Saturday Dec 8, 2018

Terry Crouch has been making videos about his life in Bristol for 10 years. His first ever live show – Terry the Odd Job Man Live Proper Like! – sold out the Filton Community Centre earlier this year and comes to the Anson Rooms on December 15.

Visit for tickets and also to buy his 2019 calendar.

Here are Terry’s top-five Bristol favourites:

Arnside Road, Southmead

“Me stomping ground. Used to go to the Southmead Youth Centre as a kid. Good to see it has opened again. The library is hanging on mind. I come up here a lot with me mum, take her shopping or up the doctors. I love the pound shop but not everything is a pound mind. Arnside has changed a lot over the years. Shops have come and gone. There’s still a good sense of community there, especially in the Greenway Centre. They have recently done up the cafe. Its looks posh mind. There’s also a new lovely cafe/bar near Aldi called The Lounge. Top bloke that runs it.”

Sion Hill, Clifton

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“Clifton and Southmead are two worlds apart. The only thing that connects us is the number 2 bus and an 11-minute walk. I love a good walk round Clifton Village with me mum, then finish off sitting on the green bit of Sion Hill with a takeaway coffee and a Rocky Robin bar. Mum doesn’t realise it, but she talks posh when were in Clifton mind. She tries to avoid the Bristolian burr when she says words with an ‘r’ in them. Makes I laugh.”

The Downs

“Coming down the Downs?” the Meaders would say. Not far from the Mead. Just a bike ride a way, you got the Downs. If I’m not there for the circus or having a barbecue and a couple of tins a Natch with me mate Clarkay, then I’m looking for goats down Goat Gully. Careful though as the gully is proper steep mind! If you hear a bloke shouting “Goat! Goat proper like! Goat!” that will be I, getting the goats’ attention.

East Street, Bemmie

“If you want to see proper Bristolian characters, come to East Street. Always lively, any time of the day. I have good memories of coming here as a kid. My nan loved Stan Butt butchers so much; she used to take a bus from Southmead to Bemmie most weeks to buy her weekly meat. I don’t know why, but nan and mum used to say someone who had a really short haircut: “You bin a Stan Butts for a cut?” I noticed a vegan cafe has opened up there. That’s a sign of times with the influx of the London lot coming with their dollars buying up the houses.”


“Proper good memories here like. Lakota was proper back in the 90s. Many a good night there. You felt like you were a part of something. The Bristol music scene in the 90s was special. I’d always finish off with some chicken from Chicken Lickin, which hasn’t changed a bit, then take a long walk home to Southmead. I was so sad to hear they are selling up. I don’t go out as much as I used to, getting old in I.”

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