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My Bristol Favourites: Mouse

By martin booth, Saturday Jun 29, 2019

Mouse is a Bristol-based producer, singer and songwriter, who has been named as one to watch for 2019 by Bristol In Stereo and Tap the Feed.

Catch her playing at the Louisiana during this year’s Harbour Festival.

Here are Mouse’s top-five Bristol favourites:

St George Park

“When I first moved to Bristol, I was lucky enough to live opposite St George Park. Before I released any of my own music, I used to record cover videos there. It’s big enough that I could always find a space where no one can hear me and it felt like I was finding my secret hidden oasis of calm in such a busy area of the city.”

The Dark Horse

The Dark Horse in Redfield is my favourite Bristol pub. The owners have a few dogs and they are just the cutest; one of which is particularly cuddly and has fallen asleep on me a few times! It’s the perfect place to enjoy a drink and a card game with friends. They do a banging roast as well.”

Bristol & Bath Railway Path

“One of my favourite ways to maintain my fitness is cycling. I bought myself a gorgeous road bike last year and on it is where I feel my most confident (aside from on stage, of course). I find cycling on a traffic-free path really meditative and we’re so fortunate in Bristol to have plenty to choose from.”

Narrow Quay

“I don’t know what it is about this short stretch of cobbled road in central Bristol but whenever I’m there, I’m instantly inspired to write something. I find being near water quite inspirational so just so maybe that’s what it is! Sitting on a bench there is great for people watching too! If you ever see me in that area, I’m probably writing a new song…”

Spoke & Stringer

“Bristol is rich with great places to enjoy a coffee and cake but one of my favourite spots is Spoke & Stringer in the Harbour Inlet. The cafe is on the same level as the jetty and I find it really relaxing to watch boats go by. You’ll forget you’re even in England!”

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