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My Bristol Favourites: Fozia Ismail and Edwina Bruford

By bristol247, Saturday Feb 11, 2017

Fozia Ismail and Edwina Bruford are The Matatu Kitchen, creating East African-inspired dishes with a modern innovative twist. Fozia was born in Kuwait to a Somali mother and arrived in the UK as a refugee. Edwina’s father was born in Kenya, and she is married to a Kenyan acrobat. Their next four-course supper clubs take place on February 24 and March 24.

Here are their top-five Bristol favourites:


Bristol Sweet Mart on St Mark’s Road, Easton

“Easton is wonderfully multicultural, filled with amazing, independent, locally owned cafes and businesses, including No. 12 Easton (hands down the best bacon sandwich ever), the community cafe which is brilliant for kids and run by lovely volunteers, Hawks Gym, and of course Sweet Mart. So much of it reminds Foz of shopping on Ealing Road in London with her mum as kid; wonderful produce that would remind any East African of home.”

Hilltop views


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“Bristol is a city of hills. It takes getting used to but the views you get when walking up even the most innocuous street can be surprising. What’s not to love about a walk above the city and seeing some balloons floating by or the odd swooping peregrine falcon!”

Food scene


“Bristol has such a vibrant food scene with some really amazing restaurants, cafes, pubs, street food and pop-ups that we hope to establish ourselves amongst. The bar is set high with the likes of Wilson’s on Chandos Road at the top end to cool casual eats at places like St Nick’s Market.”

Escaping to the countryside

Leigh Woods

“Ed grew up in Devon and feels hemmed in if she can’t escape quickly. We have been on many family stomps through some incredible scenery at the very edges of Bristol. Making dens at Leigh Woods is a particular favourite. It’s especially magical in autumn. There is something so cheery about seeing the leaves in their fiery colours; it’s enough to make you forget that the winter is drawing in. It’s amazing to think you can be in a forest so close to the city.”

Craft beer scene

“We do love good beer, and there are so many brilliant craft beer breweries in Bristol that we are spoilt for choice! We particularly enjoy beers produced by MoorArbor and Wiper & True. We would love to do a beer and East African food pairing meal sometime. Keep your eyes open for it!”


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