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My Bristol Favourites: Arrow Jie and Fency Feng

By martin booth, Saturday Oct 17, 2020

Arrow Jie and Fency Feng are the owners of Ka:Fei, an independent coffee shop within a converted shipping container on the centre.

Previously known as Just Ground, the cafe battled to stay open during the roadworks on the centre but is now one of the most popular spots in Bristol for coffee, food and always the warmest of welcomes.

These are Arrow and Fency’s top-five Bristol favourites:

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Wing’s Diner

Wing’s Diner are a pop-up at Small Bar on King Street serving juicy buttermilk fried chicken with an Asian inspired twist – photo: Wings Diner

Arrow: “I just love the food at Wing’s Diner. It’s delicious. Before lockdown, we got to know the owners and became friends. Every Friday on their lunchbreak they come to see us and we share some coffee knowledge.”

Tobacco Factory Markets

Fency: “They always have a lot of beautiful handcrafted products. It’s always fascinating to see the things that local artists create. We have many friends who are artists and display some of their work inside Ka:Fei.”

Ashton Court

Ashton Court Estate is 850 acres of woodland and grassland, and many activities – photo by Martin Booth

Arrow: “We love going for a walk here. I never realised until recently it was that big! And it has some great views.”


Arrow and Fency live near North Street – photo by Martin Booth

Arrow: “The community feel is the best part of Bristol for me. It’s wonderful. When you walk down the street, you always end up seeing someone you know. Among the traders, it’s not competition. We all support each other.”


Arrow: “We live near Sweven on North Street. They are just so passionate about coffee.”

Main photo by Martin Booth

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