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My Bristol Favourites: Riccardo Petrini

By bristol247, Saturday Sep 9, 2017

Riccardo Petrini, better known as Pedro, is the Italy-born manager of the Hare on the Hill in Kingsdown. He is also the head brewer at Bristol’s newest brewery, Croft Ales, whose beers brewed in Stokes Croft can be found at a growing number of Bristol pubs including the Hare on the Hill, the Bag of Nails and the White Rabbit.

Here are Pedro’s top-five Bristol favourites:

Ashton Court and Leigh Woods

Photo courtesy of Visit Bristol

“Crossing the Suspension Bridge with my mountain bike to delve into the beautiful nature surrounding Bristol is the feeling that I need after a long day of work. I’ve always been into the peacefulness that you can only find in the woods, and these two places are perfect to match my passion for sports and wilderness.”

Harbourside Market

“The food scene in Bristol is pretty awesome. Walking among the different stalls at the Harbourside Market and being able to choose something different every time is amazing.”

Door & Rivet

Photo by Darren Shepherd

Door & Rivet is an amazing place located in the former crypt of a church just two doors away from the Croft Ales brewery on Upper York Street. It’s a good place to relax in Stokes Croft, have a coffee and maybe something to eat. The guys working there are really nice and I’ve even had the chance to try some tasty food that’s not yet on the menu.”

The Bag of Nails

“This small Hotwells pub is a statement in Bristol. Luke the owner has always a really good selection of beers there for whenever I’m around that area or if I have some friends coming to visit me. The Bag of Nails is one of my favourite places to go for a pint and some Jenga.”

The Exchange

“One of my passions is music and to be able to go to different gigs is something that I really care about, so I’m always looking to find time to pop into some concerts. The Exchange is my favourite place for live music in Bristol. I always have much fun there and have so many good memories.”


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