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Tiny tableaux on top of Bristol bus stop

By bristol247, Saturday Sep 23, 2017

Telepathic Heights was the squat which in 2011 was raided by police leading to the the Stokes Croft riots.

That night, hundreds of people took to the streets.

Today, looking down from the still brightly-painted building o Cheltenham Road there is a different sort of gathering:

The Playmobil characters on top of the bus stop shelter were spotted by Alison Manney.

“I was on the 75 going home from work when, as we paused at a bus stop in Stokes Croft, I heard the children in front of me begin shrieking,” said Alison, 26, from Patchway.

“I looked beside me and discovered a small assembly of Playmobil people holding a meeting on top of the bus stop’s shelter.”

Their appearance remains a mystery. If anybody knows more, please email

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