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Rees: ‘Bristol is as prepared as any city in the UK for coronavirus’

By ellie pipe, Wednesday Mar 11, 2020

The mayor of Bristol has issued assurances that strong preparations are in place to deal with the consequences and challenge of coronavirus (COVID-19).

On Friday, the council and Public Health England announced in a joint statement that the first case in the city had been confirmed.

Speaking after a meeting of city leaders on Wednesday, March 11, mayor Marvin Rees said Bristol is “absolutely lockstep” with national guidance and promised to continue communication as the situation develops.


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“I want to reassure you that the preparations we have in place are strong,” said Rees.

“Bristol is as prepared as any city in the UK for the consequences and the challenge of this virus. We are absolutely lockstep with national guidance.”

He warned people to be careful what they read and believe, stating communication is key at this time, adding: “We want to assure you that we are doing everything we need to do as a city but it’s a significant challenge to the UK and Bristol.”

Bristol City Council confirmed on Wednesday morning there have been no further confirmed cases in the city to date.

Rees said the number of people and organisations who have stepped forward to offer their help has “been a real source of pride”.

He added: “That’s the way we are going to need to be standing shoulder to shoulder as a city in the face of this challenge.”

Key advice issued includes:

–          Wash your hands.

–          If you do feel unwell, do not go to your doctor or A&E, call 111.

–          Employers: look out for workforce and ensure contingency plans are in place.

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