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More than 10 billion items of PPE obtained for healthcare workers

By jack fifield, Friday Jun 26, 2020

More than ten billion items of PPE have been acquired by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) at Filton Abbey Wood since the end of March 2020.

A team fronted by experts from the procurement arm of the MoD in Bristol negotiated contracts for more than ten billion pieces of PPE, worth in excess of £5.8bn, for NHS workers.

The team was set up shortly after the coronavirus outbreak in a response to calls from the UK Government for support for frontline healthcare workers.

Of the 10.9 billion items, , 9.7 billion have already been approved by the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC), including 4.9 billion individual gloves, 3.2 billion face masks, 811 million aprons, 565 million safety glasses, and 156 million gowns.

The items were sourced from a number of countries, including China, Malaysia, Thailand, the US, Canada, Germany, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, and Turkey.

“I’m thrilled that the MoD site at Filton Abbey Wood are playing a key role in providing protection for our NHS and care staff,” says James Arrowsmith, local councillor for Stoke Park and Cheswick, where the base is located.

“I hope this can help our frontline staff who put themselves at risk day in day out for our sick and most vulnerable.”

Infographic explaining that the MoD team procured PPE, sourced mostly from the 'Far East', with 270 staff members. PPE was: 4.9 billion individual gloves, 811 million aprons, 156 million gowns, 3.2 billion face masks, 565 million safety glasses. 10.9 billion items of PPE worth £5.8bn.

Infographic by MoD.

A team of 270 volunteers from the NHS and other governmental bodies was headed by more than 100 procurement and supply chain experts to obtain the PPE, with most of the working done virtually because of the pandemic.

“We take great pride in the assistance that our people have been able to provide to support the NHS and wider social care need in the response to Covid-19,” says sir Simon Bollom, DE&S CEO.

“The team has worked tirelessly and collaboratively with colleagues from the NHS and across government from the outset and this remarkable milestone indicates how focussed they are on getting vital PPE to the NHS front line.”

Main photo by MoD.

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