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Love or lose the locks on Pero’s Bridge?

By bristol247, Monday Oct 3, 2016

Do you love the locks on Pero’s Bridge? Or do you loathe them?

Bristol City Council workers removed many of the padlocks from the bridge last year, but numbers have grown again since.

Now two friends have set up rival crowdfunding campaigns to either cut or keep the so-called ‘lovelocks’.

Kev and Lynne woz ere

The Lose the Locks campaign claims that the padlocks are “ugly, damaging and may interefere with the lifting of the bridge.” The person behind it is fundraising to buy “beefy boltcutters” to cut the locks off the bridge.

Its rival campaign – Love the Locks – wants to keep the locks on the bridge, claiming they are “beautiful mementos”.

The two friends – who both want to remain anonymous – have agreed that whoever raises most money will get their way, with all money left over from both campaigns being donated to the counselling charity Relate.

Follow the progress of the rival campaigns at

Pero’s Bridge


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