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#BristolCharityAdvent day 15: Avon Bat Care

By emily spivey, Thursday Dec 14, 2017

A small, self-funded charity is on a mission to save the lives of injured, distressed and abandoned bats in Bristol.

A happy bat after being rescued by Avon Bar Care

Whether you find a bat in a panic on the ground, injured after being caught by a cat, or an abandoned orphan, Avon Bat Care is here to help.

Happy bat after being rescued by Avon Bat Care

From hand-rearing pups, to providing medical assistance for wounded bats, the charity is doing its utmost to ensure each animal receives the necessary aid to enable release back into their natural habitat.

The Avon Bat Care team getting bats back out to the wild

In some cases, the bats are too injured or damaged to be reintegrated back into the wild, so Avon Bat Care has the necessary amenities to provide a home for the furry, flying mammals, caring for them throughout the rest of their days.

Rescued bat stretching out

As well as a hands-on approach to bat care, education is at the forefront of the charity’s work.

Keen to spread their knowledge of the wonderful creatures, the Avon Bat Care team host a number of educational events and are happy to bring their licensed captive bats with them to schools and community groups.

Avon bats sharing a group hug

Bats can often be painted in a negative light, and with expertise in saving these creatures from harm, Avon Bat Care want to give others the privilege of helping them.

With talks centred around bat care, and an unrivalled patience surrounding their work, this is a trust that is looking to share its insight into a fascinating creature.

For information on how to get involved please follow the link:


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