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Video: Get to know Bristol

By bristol247, Tuesday Dec 15, 2015

The national tourism board VisitBritain have published a six-minute video guide to the sights, spots and special spaces in Bristol as part of their Love Great Britain campaign.

The video is full of scenic shots of the city’s most recognisable landmarks and annual events, alongside mini-tours around some of the best spots to eat, drink and shop.

Highlighted in the guide is the ss Great Britain – introduced by Bristol’s own modern-day Brunel – St Nick’s Market, Milk Thistle, Hausbar and the Clifton Lido to name but a few.

With the highest number of artists and musicians per square mile in the UK, it is unsurprising the words “quirky” and “hipster” feature in the video more than once, and the interviewees are all trendy types who rave about the city’s thriving cultural scene above all else – naturally.

Do you recognise these local hotspots and the people who know them best?

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